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Sean wheres your stuff? Empty Sean wheres your stuff?

Post  Alex on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:41 pm

Subject and question are the same I have the English stuff, I have the UML,

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Sean wheres your stuff? Empty Re: Sean wheres your stuff?

Post  seanc on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:49 pm

haha i just emailed you here is the API anyways for other groups

/*NAME:         GUI API
  ORIGINAL DATE:   2/4/2009
  ENGINEERS:      Ryan Bontreger
         Alex Bussell
         Sean Cavanaugh
         Paul Flegel
  Program Description:   This program desribes what # defines need to be sent to the communications group.
         All # define descriptions have been defined by Paul Flegel in the UML decription document

  LAST UPDATED:      2/4/2009

// External Functions
These are the numbers being send via the communications group for each group to read in
and determine what you are doing.  Each section is labled clearly so you can skim and make sure
you know what numbers are for your group commands. 

//Codes for commands

#define ROVER_A 1
#define ROVER_B 2

#define  ROVER_FORWARDS 101
#define  ROVER_BACKWARDS 102
#define  ROVER_RIGHT 103
#define  ROVER_LEFT 104
#define  ROVER_STOP 105

/* This section is unimpleneted until further notice (2/4/2009)
#define  FRONT_CAMERA_UP 201
#define  FRONT_CAMERA_DOWN 202
#define  FRONT_CAMERA_LEFT 204

//PAN TILT CAMERA GROUP (camera on front of rover)

#define  GUN_UP 301
#define  GUN_DOWN 302
#define  GUN_RIGHT 303
#define  GUN_LEFT 304
#define  GUN_FIRE 305
#define  GUN_STOP 306

//This command will be sent upon user logging in
//all groups can use this command or do exact same as reset (listed below)
#define  INITALIZE -111

//Stop the rover movement, all groups must have a kill command clearing command queue
//stop all commands until reset set, notice difference here is groups don't have to do anything
//except stop doing something; where reset will move into default positions
#define  KILL -555

//returns all groups to default & clears queue
//Sensor Group->clear queue; reset all variables; just like on startup
//nerf Group->set gun to default position facing forward, assume darts have been reloaded manually
//camera Group->unzoom camera and make sure its centered
//rover group->clear queue; reset all variable; make sure you are not moving
//comm group->make sure queue is clear and ready to start again
#define  RESET -999

//codes for in-room camera select
//these # defines should only be used by comm group
#define CAMERA_TOP 501
#define CAMERA_TOP_LEFT 502
#define CAMERA_TOP_RIGHT 503
#define CAMERA_BOTTOM 504
#define CAMERA_ROBOT1_GUN 508
#define CAMERA_ROBOT2_GUN 510


//INPUT:  rover ID is which rover to send to command name is the command as seen above
//     note that kill commands and normal commands will use this to convey information to
//     other groups
//OUTPUT: output is determined by communications group
SendCommand(int rover_ID, int command_name)
      //stub code to be replaced by communications group
      printf("COMMAND %d has been issused\n, &command_name);
      printf("ISSUED TO ROVER ID %d\n, &rover_ID);

//RecieveImage is called by communications group and sends image to us for processing to display.
//INPUT:    camera_feed identifies which camera is being displayed by # defines above
//       rover_ID determines which GUI APP needs to display which camera angle
//OUTPUT:    there is no output to the communications group back to users, all output is displayed onto webpage
RecieveImage(int camera_feed, int rover_ID);

//RecieveDart is called by communications group and sends status of dart hit/miss
//INPUT:   status will give 1 or 0 depending on hit or miss (1 being hit, 0 being miss)
//      rover_ID determines which rover is getting this message
//OUTPUT:   kill command is sent to all other groups, message VICTORY on winner, message DEFEAT on loser displayed on FLASH
RecieveDart(int status, int rover_ID);

and here is a more updated visio

Sean wheres your stuff? Gui11

let me know what else you need call me 919-621-6910

Sean Cavanaugh

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