Just general idea from group leader meeting for us

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Just general idea from group leader meeting for us Empty Just general idea from group leader meeting for us

Post  dsmarsh on Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:54 am

I think the gui group will be writing in flash or php.
They want to have discrete signals, this means we will get some type of button press from them.(they are using the keyboard)
-we need a way of having this throw a flag so we can send the command to the repository. This can be a function that they call. This could also be a set of bytes they could set and we could read continuously.
-we need a way of saving onto the repository and then maybe reading from it or just skipping it altogether.

Maybe have the Apache server sitting on the laptop so it is all a unit together (this would be ideal)

We also talked about running apache on the server at least for the laptop to store the images and then have those images be read from the gui (this would be very easy and everyone agrees that this would be the easiest way)

We are going to try and meet the gui group during our group meetings so we can work closely with them.

Finally we need to make sure we document everything we do for the report when it comes around.
-the old report is on blackboard, i suggest everyone read it.

Add whatever else you think of that I need to find out from the other groups.
Also what we need to have for our meeting Monday 1/26 at 6pm, if you have thought of anything else.

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