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Camera/Images API Empty Camera/Images API

Post  hoehoho on Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:03 pm

// ECE 453 - Spring 2009
// Communication group
// Camera/Images API
// Describes the application programming interface between the communication
// group and camera images (to be transferred and requested by GUI)

#define CAMERA_FRONT 0
#define CAMERA_NERF 1
#define CAMERA_FRONT_FNAME front.jpg
#define CAMERA_NERF_FNAME nerf.jpg
#define CAMERA_PATH C:\mounted_camera\

//save jpg received from CAMERA_FRONT feed in CAMERA_PATH + CAMERA_FRONT_FNAME
//save jpg received from CAMERA_NERF feed in CAMERA_PATH + CAMERA_NERF_FNAME

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