What I emailed Brooks 2/2

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What I emailed Brooks 2/2 Empty What I emailed Brooks 2/2

Post  dsmarsh on Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:29 am

-What the group accomplished last week.
API and UML written
repository code ran on machine
gui ran on machine
some of passwords worked some didn't (for FA)
most design and documents completed or at least began

-Group's plans for the coming week.
get everyone's password (correct ones)
get old code up and running
clean up documents due this week

-Issues I need to know about / address.
no access to laptop when no grad students are there
most of us work after school or work which is late and no one is there
maybe access to one laptop or something?
repository code not working (error received)

-This look good?
-let me know if you want me to send him anything else...


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